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In registering for a user account on the Connecting2Culture website, or using any of our training materials you agree to the user agreement.

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Connecting2Culture Agreement to Terms of Use.

I acknowledge that by enrolling in this course and any other future course(s) offered by Connecting2Culture,  hereafter referred to as “C2C”. I agree to the following Terms of Use:

Online eLearning Module Content:

C2C will do its best to provide up to date and accurate information in the course(s) it provides however it does not and cannot guarantee that all information contained in its courses are complete, accurate or up to date.

Although C2C online eLearning modules include links to other Internet resources, including third party websites, it does not guarantee the content of these websites; including the accuracy of its information or its level of security.

C2C will do its best to provide its online eLearning modules without interruption and error however it does not guarantee this service.  C2C will endeavour to correct any interruptions or errors that do arise in a timely way so that your course(s) are not unduly affected.

The online eLearning modules provided by C2C are designed solely to help you become an effective cross-cultural worker.  C2C does not provide any formal qualifications in culture and/or language acquisition nor does it guarantee any improvement in your culture and/or language acquisition.

C2C Website and Content:

The contents of C2C website, including the contents of the online eLearning modules, except where indicated as belonging to a third party, belong to and will remain the property of C2C.

The contents of C2C website can be referred to or quoted in academic writing provided that a full acknowledgment is given to confirm where the information was obtained from.  However, in all and any other circumstances reproduction, distribution and republication of the contents is prohibited unless C2C provides you with prior written consent.

Infectious viruses:

C2C does not and cannot guarantee that any files made available from its website, or any third party website that may be linked to it,  for downloading will be free of any virus or other infectious programs that could prove destructive to your computer or others.  You are responsible for ensuring that your computer is protected from such viruses and infections to a level that is satisfactory to you.  It is also your responsibility to ensure that you maintain your own systems to protect against the loss of any data that may arise from any virus or infectious program.

You will also refrain from uploading any infected files, pornographic material, pirated material or illegal material to the C2C website.  In the event that such a breach is discovered C2C will immediately suspend your login and ID and prevent you from any further access to its website.  In doing this C2C will also terminate your enrolment in this course and you will not be entitled to any refund of your tuition fees.


C2C is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all and any liability for damages of any kind, whether directly or indirectly, that arises from the use of its services.  These services include but are not limited to the use of information, suggestions or theories contained on its website, in its online eLearning modules, or any correspondence or discussions between you and C2C directly.

Governing Law:

In respect of any claim or dispute that arises between you and C2C due of the use of the services provided by C2C, its owners, associates and contributors; only the law governing United Kingdom will apply.

You can view this policy at any time under your profile.  Go to “Profile” under the small triangle in the top right of the screen.  Under ‘Privacy and policies’ select “Policies and agreements”.

June 2019


In using this Connecting2Culture site you give your consent to hold and use your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

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Connecting2Culture Privacy Policy

This notice informs you how we appropriately use and securely handle the personal information you share with us so that we may partner in ministry. 

Typically the information we may collect is: 

  • your name
  • email address
  • Skype ID 
  • your country and city of residence
  • the name of your church or ministry organisation
  • a profile photo of your choice.  

We use this to enrolling you in courses, facilitate those courses and allow communication between you and the facilitators and other participants.  By registering and enrolling in a course you have given us your consent for us to use your information for the purposes stated above.

Your data is stored by and communications are sent to you through our Moodle online training platform.  Some of your information, such as your full name will always be visible to facilitators and other participants.  You are able to adjust how much of your other personal information is visible to other participants by changing the settings in your Moodle profile.  Depending on the settings you choose other participants may be able to see your email address, Skype ID, city and country, Church or ministry organisation.  Facilitators (teachers), managers and administrators will always have access to this information.

We will never share your information outside of Moodle unless required by law to do so.

You have the right to request us to:

  1. provide you with details of your personal data that we hold.
  2. correct any of your personal data.
  3. delete your personal data, subject to any legal or administrative requirements necessitating us to retain that data.

You have the right to complain to your local supervisory authority if you believe that we are using, retaining or securing your personal data inappropriately. 

You may contact us about privacy concerns at any time via

You can view this policy at any time under your profile.  Go to “Profile” under the small triangle in the top right of the screen.  Under ‘Privacy and policies’ select “Policies and agreements”.

June 2019