Available courses

The "Understanding your East Asian Friends" course will equip you to befriend Internationals and build bridges into local international communities.  It will help you engage in simple friendship building and provide a basic understanding of unique characteristics of East Asian culture that will help you avoid misunderstandings.  This first course looks at the importance of cross-cultural understanding.

In this second part of the Understanding Your East Asian Friends course, we unpack important aspects of the East Asian mindset and examine how they play out in everyday life.  We look at concepts like "face", "politeness" and "relationship", as well as "indirect communication" and working with people from "honor-shame" cultures.  We will also consider the Asian understanding of the "spirit world".

This session presents key principles in preparing an effective bible study for internationals.  Participants will have time in groups to begin preparing a bible study to share with an international, focusing on four simple elements: an introduction, explaining key concepts or words, identifying one or two main points and a thought provoking conclusion.

China’s Ministry of Education reports that as of 2014, there has been a total of over 1.5 million Chinese students and scholars return to China. Last year alone over 300,000 Chinese students and scholars returned and some estimate that as many as 10% of them return as “Christians.”  Sadly the reality is that  many come to Christ while overseas.  Yet few return well, connect with the body of Christ locally and continue to walk faithfully.  Experience shows that less than 20% of Japanese and Chinese returnees who have become Christians while overseas will connect with a Church or fellowship when they return home.

Our values are based on what we believe is good or best in the world around us. Most of our behaviour flows out of our values. Different cultures have different values and the difference between our home and host culture is called “culture distance". In the Culture Values and Distance Course we explore some of these values, consider what makes up our home values, and discover the values in our host culture. The Culture Values and Distance Course is a ten hour interactive, online course that is run over a two week period.  Click here to download a course outline

Course Dates: 24th June - 5th July 2019